Nubian Phones Guarantee

Rule #1: Our Customer Satisfaction

If you buy a deal and you’re not satisfied within seven days then we will either give you your money back* or work with you to make it right. We put your satisfaction and security first.

Rule #2: Our Refund Policy

If you have bought anything on nubian phones and something does get in the way of you receiving the experience you paid for, we have set up the Buyer Protection to ensure the issues are resolved or fully refunded.

Rule #3: Our ‘Changed my mind policy’

If you change your mind within 7 days of the deal closing, you will be refunded into your account, no questions asked*. This is however not applicable to events and leisure.

For any question, please feel free to contact our customer service department.
Be smart and save money every day on Nubian Phones!*Please note that if you want to return a product it should be intact and in its original packaging. Please see our Terms & Conditions for further details.